Mount Barker Community Centre

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Office: (08) 8391 2747 Child Care: (08) 8391 5059

About Us

Mount Barker Family House, established in 1983, is the Community Centre for the Mount Barker Council District and beyond.

We are a not-for-profit, non-government, incorporated secular association and one of eighty-seven Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses throughout South Australia. We promote community wellbeing by integrating community development and health promotion through the provision of low cost courses and programs for people to gain support and information, progress with personal development, build networks, share knowledge and learn new skills. We also provide work experience placement opportunities for high school students to enable them to gain valuable points towards their educational requirements, a mentoring program for administrative and childcare volunteers to build their skills and esteem to support their transition to work, work hardening placement and mutual obligation opportunities for Commonwealth benefits recipients.

Our organisation receives approximately 60% of its funding from recurrent Local, State and Federal governments and the balance is sourced through course and programs provided, childcare fees, utilities fees from community groups, grants and fundraising. The organisation is governed by a voluntary Management Committee, with a Manager responsible for the everyday running of the organisation and part-time Administrative Officer, Childcare workers, tutors and volunteers.

about2The facility is available to community groups throughout the year, seven days a week, day and evening. Staff work closely with allied service organisations, in the areas of health, welfare, volunteering, education and employment and, where possible, work in partnership with these organisations to maintain a program of diverse services in response to community needs.

The Occasional Childcare Service was established in 1984 to provide respite for parents who were at home with young children and required an occasional break. It has become one of the many interconnected services provided by our Centre. The childcare service is licensed by the Department of Education and Children’s Services, receives a Commonwealth government operational subsidy, and the balance of income required comes from childcare fees paid by parents. This service is a unique children’s facility within our region providing care for up to 14 children at any one time in a warm, friendly and developmental environment.